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---Industrial Microwave Equipment

Our company is specialized in microwave equipment R&D design, production, sales as one of the comprehensive development of enterprises. We adopt advanced technology, according to GMP and FDA standards,manufacture new series of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave equipment which has more than 50 models. Include: Nut Roaster,Tea Dryer Sterilizer ,Snacks Puffing Machine,Non-oil Fried Cracker Puffing Equipment,Grain Roasting Equipment ,Fast Food Heating Equipment ,Seafood Processing Equipment,Food Drying Sterilization Equipment,Herb Dryer, paper Dehydrator ,Wood Drying Equipment,Microwave Vacuum Dryer ,Frozen Meat/Seafood/Vegetables Thawing Equipment,Frozen Food Defrosting Equipment etc. Widely been used in food, medicine, chemical, battery materials, building materials, industrial ceramics, wood, paper products and other industries.Beside microwave machine, we also supply Washing Machine,Hot Air Dryer,Drum Roaster, Vacuum Freeze Dryer , Packing Machine,Retort related food machinery.

Machine can be customized according to the characteristics of your products and the size of the site!

We are readily prepared to be your most reliable partner with our competitive solutions and positive efforts.

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