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Microwave Canned Food Sterilizer

Microwave Canned Food Sterilizer

Application of canned food sterilizer:

Microwave canned food sterilizer is mainly used for sterilizing plastic soft-packed food, vacuum-packed food, bagged food, plastic bowled food, boxed food, PPT bottle food, glass bottled food, ready-to-eat pickles, and canned food. The microwave energy directly interacts with microorganisms such as bacteria in the material, and the thermal effect and the non-thermal effect work together to achieve the purpose of rapid heating, and the processing time is greatly shortened. The sterilization time of various materials is generally 3 to 5 minutes, and the sterilization temperature is 70 to 90 degrees. Its characteristics: short time, fast speed. Uniform sterilization, low temperature sterilization, material invariance, maintenance of nutrients and original flavor, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient installation, simple operation, good controllability and advanced technology.

Microwave Bottled Food Sterilization Equipment Product Description:

Microwave sterilization, preservation is the hope that the food after microwave energy treatment of food in the bacteria, insects and other microorganisms lose vitality or death, to ensure that the food in a certain period of storage of bacteria does not exceed the allowable range of food hygiene law , thereby extending its shelf life. Bacteria and adults, like any biological cell, are condensed media composed of complex compounds such as water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Among them, water is the main component of biological cells, and its content is between 75 and 85%. Because all physiological activities of bacteria must be involved in water, bacteria's growth and reproduction process, the absorption of various nutrients is through the cell membrane. Diffusion, penetration and absorption are complete.

Under the action of a certain intensity of microwave field, insects and bacteria in food can also relax due to molecular polarization, while absorbing microwave energy to warm up. Because they are condensed media, the strong interaction between molecules aggravates the energy state transition from microwave energy to thermal energy. Thus, the protein in the body is subjected to both non-polar thermal movement and polarity rotation at the same time, so that its spatial structure is changed or destroyed and the protein is denatured. After protein denaturation, its solubility, viscosity, swelling, permeability and stability will all change significantly and lose its biological activity. On the other hand, the non-thermal effect of microwave energy plays a special role in the sterilization that is not achieved by conventional physical sterilization and is also one of the reasons for the death of bacteria. The

Microwave sterilization, preservation is the result of a combination of microwave thermal effects and non-thermal effects. The thermal effect of microwaves mainly acts as a rapid temperature-warming bactericidal effect; non-thermal effects use the mutations of proteins and physiologically active substances in microorganisms and lose their vitality or death. Therefore, microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the conventional method, under normal circumstances, the conventional method sterilization temperature of 120 °C -130 °C, time is about 1 hour, while microwave sterilization temperature only 70 °C -105 °C, time is about 90-180 seconds.

Technical Parameters of Industrial microwave sterilizer:

Electric power supply

380V,50Hz (Customized)

Microwave output power


Microwave input apparent power

20KVA (0~20KW adjustable)

Microwave output frequency


Temperature measurement range and accuracy

0-200℃, accuracy±1℃

Equipment working ambient



No dust, no corrosive or explosive air

Feeding inlet height

60mm (Customized)

Conveyor belt




0~10m/min, adjustable


Food grade TEFLON

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

About 9400*860*2050mm (Customized)

Microwave source parts

magnetron, transformer, diode, capacitor,fan

Cooling type

Air cooling


Manual control

Microwave leakage standard

according with China GB10436-89 standard ≦2MW/CM2  (Ours standard≦5MW/CM2

Safety standard

According with China GB-5226 electrical safety standard.

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