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Multi-layer Gas Belt Roasting Machine

Multi-layer Gas Belt Roasting Machine

I.Use and working principle:

The electric heating (gas) is used as the heat source, and the material is dried (baked) by the principle of heat radiation. The hot air is passed through the layer of the fan, and then the fan duct is turned down and back and forth to reach the hot air and the material is evenly heated. Take the water vapor away to ensure the quality, color and taste of the dried (baked) material.

II.Structure and performance:

It consists of the feeding part, conveyor belt, speed regulating motor,transmission mechanism, circulating fan,  machine body, electric control box and other components. By controlling the running speed, controlling the air volume and setting the temperature of the baked materials, effectively ensured the best baking effect etc advantages.

III.Main specification:

1. Dimension: According to the customer's order: single layer, three layers, five layers.

2. Three-layer mesh belt oven size: 6. 7 * 1.6 * 2.9 meters

3. Total heating power: 90 KW (20 cubic meters per hour when heated with gas)

4. Electric heating tube single power: 3kw ;voltage: 220v; air heating: 400 degrees ,each one equip with 30pcs

5. Transmission, speed control motor: 4-0.75kw speed ratio bipolar speed regulation 1:200 (see signage)

6. Circulating fan: 4--2.2kw 5 units

   Voltage: 380/V Frequency: 50HZ

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