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Tunnel Catalyst drying equipment

Tunnel Catalyst drying equipment

Application range of catalyst drying equipment: 

It is mainly used for drying various chemical materials such as catalysts, especially suitable for drying and drying of vanadium pentoxide and hydrogen sulfate.

Principle of catalyst drying equipment:

Using microwave heating principle, intermolecular friction heating, microwave drying is a new type of drying. When drying, the microwave energy directly acts on the medium molecules to convert into heat energy. Since the microwave has the penetrating property to simultaneously heat the inside and the outside of the medium, heat conduction is not required, so the heating speed is very fast.

Catalyst microwave drying equipment, catalyst drying advantages:

1. Microwave drying is different from traditional drying methods in that the heat conduction direction is the same as the water diffusion direction. Compared with the traditional drying method, it has large drying rate, energy saving and high production efficiency.
2. Simultaneous heating of the inside and outside of the material, heating and drying evenly.
3. Equipment power does not need any other ancillary equipment, energy saving and environmental protection.
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