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Microwave Date Drying Sterilization Machine

 Microwave Date Drying Sterilization Machine

Date is an important and popular fruit for many countries like Chinese red date and Middle East area date. Dried date can extend the date shelf life and easily for transportation. Hence, many date companies sell the dried date. However, after drying date, we need re-wash and dry & sterilize date prior to pack. Microwave machine efficiently dry and sterilize washed date products.

Microwave Date Drying & Sterilization Features:

1. Quickly dry and sterilize washed dried date, which reduce the E-coli, Coliform, yeast and molds

2. Customized machine capacity to meet with different sterilization capacity demands.

3. Automatically and continuously process date in order to reduce the labor cost.

4. Instantly stop and shut down, less environment influence.

5. Food Standard stainless steel makes sure food hygiene.

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