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20KW Electric Chili Powder Sterilizer

20KW Electric Chili Powder Sterilizer

Continuous Microwave Chili Powder Sterilizer can extend product shelf life, keep original composition and better taste, keep physiological activity of raw material,improve product quality .

1.    Can effectively keep the chili powder shape, colour and lustre, nutritional composition and aroma remains the same, These features of cayenne pepper and other spices production is particularly important.

2.    Tunnel continuous conveyor belt type , can sterilize continuously .

3.    The microwave power, temperature and belt speed are all adjustable , you can adjust according to your products features.

4.    Save energy/efficient. Compared with traditional sterilization method, microwave can save 1/3 energy .

5.    Safety and healthy. Microwave don’t produce dust ,so won’t make any pollution .

Sterilization machine ,spices processing machine , chili powder drying machine

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