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Microwave Chili Powder Drying Machine

 Microwave Chili Powder Drying Machine

Tunnel Conveyor Microwave Chili Powder Drying Sterilizing Machine/ Chili Powder Dryer/Chili Powder Sterilizer

I. Instructions:

Microwave drying and sterilizing equipment is the best choice for drying and sterilizing chili powder and chili granules. The microwave dried bamboo products can maintain the original color, bright brightness, mouthfeel and nutrients, and their effects are better than other dry sterilization. Equipment and can extend the shelf life of the product. In this respect, our company has many years of practical experience, and has done many similar equipments for production, and has been recognized and affirmed by users.

II. Characteristics of microwave chili powder drying machine:

1. Dry quickly. Microwave drying is completely different from traditional drying methods. It is a process in which the material to be dried becomes a heating element and does not require heat conduction. Therefore, although it is a material having poor thermal conductivity, the drying temperature can be reached in a very short time.

2. Dry evenly. Regardless of the shape of each part of the object, microwave drying can evenly penetrate electromagnetic waves in the surface of the object to generate thermal energy. Therefore, the uniformity of drying is good, and there is no endogenous phenomenon of external coke.

3. Energy saving and efficient. Since the substance containing moisture easily absorbs microwaves and generates heat, there is almost no loss other than a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is high and energy is saved. It is more than 1/3 energy saving than infrared drying.

4. Anti-mildew, sterilization, preservation. Microwave drying has thermal and biological effects and can be sterilized and mildewed at lower temperature temperatures. Due to the fast drying speed and short time, it can maximize the activity of the material and the vitamins, original color and nutrients in the food.

5. Advanced technology. Immediate drying and termination can be achieved by controlling the microwave power. Application of human-machine interface and PLC for programmable automation control of drying process and drying process specifications.

6. Safe and harmless. Since microwave energy is controlled in a dry chamber made of metal and in a waveguide, microwave leakage is minimal, no radiation hazard and harmful gas emissions, no waste heat and dust pollution, neither contaminating food nor polluting the environment.

7. Easy to control.The equipment can be used immediately, without the thermal inertia of conventional thermal drying, the operation is flexible and convenient, the microwave power can be continuously adjusted from zero to the rated power, and the transmission speed is continuously adjusted from zero for easy control.

III. Specification of Chili Powder Dryer:



Electric power supply

380V,50Hz (Customized)

Microwave output power


Microwave input apparent power

≤12KVA (0~12KW adjustable)

Microwave output frequency


Temperature measurement range and accuracy

0-200℃, accuracy±1℃

Equipment working ambient



No dust, no corrosive or explosive air

Feeding inlet height

60mm (Customized)

Conveyor belt




0~10m/min, adjustable  (Customized)


Food grade TEFLON

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

About 7200*860*2050mm (Customized)

Cooling type

Air cooling/Water cooling


Manual control/PLC

Microwave leakage standard

according with China GB10436-89 standard ≦2MW/CM2  (Ours standard≦5MW/CM2

Safety standard

According with China GB-5226 electrical safety standard.

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