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Microwave Fixation Equipment

 Microwave Fixation Equipment

Instructions of Red Rose fixation machine:

The Rose Microwave fixation machine is suitable for quick-drying and drying of agricultural products such as roses. It has a dual-purpose machine, high work efficiency and good product quality. It effectively inhibits the oxidase activity in rose petals and evaporates part of the water to achieve the purpose of drying and killing. At the same time save energy, no environmental pollution, is a technologically advanced microwave killing equipment.

Features of Rose Microwave Fixation Machine:

1. Short time and fast speed. The drying effect can be completed in 3 to 5 minutes, which is about 1/8 of the conventional drying time.

2. High thermal efficiency. It can simultaneously complete various processes such as sterilization, drying, killing, and insecticide.

3. dry and even, thorough insecticide and mildew.

4. Improve the grade and quality of roses. The rose after microwave treatment has good sensory appearance, good taste and bright color. After brewing, the active ingredients are fully precipitated.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, reducing production costs. Microwave equipment requires only electricity and water, and its cost can be saved by 75% to 80% compared with the cost of conventional hot air drying.

The rose microwave machine is made of stainless steel plate, which has strong heat insulation performance and corrosion resistance, good working environment and long service life. It adopts PLC automatic control system, strong cold air system and automatic temperature control system. , video surveillance system, real-time monitoring, one-button setting system fully automatic, to achieve assembly line work, simple operation, low labor intensity.


Electric power supply

380V,50Hz (Customized)

Microwave output power


Microwave input apparent power

30KVA (0~30KW adjustable)

Microwave output frequency


Temperature measurement range and accuracy

0-200℃, accuracy±1℃

Equipment working ambient



No dust, no corrosive or explosive air

Feeding inlet height

60mm (Customized)

Conveyor belt




0~10m/min, adjustable


Food grade TEFLON

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

About 10500*1440*1750mm (Customized)

Cooling type

Air cooling


Manual control

Microwave leakage standard

according with China GB10436-89 standard ≦2MW/CM2  (Ours standard≦5MW/CM2

Safety standard

According with China GB-5226 electrical safety standard.

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