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Mushroom Drying Sterilization Machine

Mushroom Drying Sterilization Machine

Tunnel conveyor belt mushroom drying sterilization machine

In order to provide a high standard and quality mushroom and fungus to the market, microwave can re-dry and sterilize mushrrom and fungs after the washing machine clean. After sun dry or shadow dry, mushroom is contaminated by much bacteria and microorganism, food company need to re-wash mushroom and dry & sterilize, therefore, microwave can quickly dry and sterilize mushroom to meet with market hygiene standards.

Industrial Microwave Dryer Sterilizer Features:

1. Microwave energy uniformly penetrate every aspect of fungus and mushroom. It quickly heat and dry off material. Sterilization is under the low temperature, it also keep nutrition and appearance of fungus.

2. Flexible and easy control panel; reliable manual system.

3. Continuously heat the material under 24/7.

4. Less labor, easy operating , small working place without pollution and noise.

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