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YM-12 Tunnel Honeysuckle Fixation Machine

YM-12 Tunnel Honeysuckle Fixation Machine

High Efficiency Tunnel Belt Microwave Honeysuckle Drying Fixation Machine

I. Instructions of tunnel microwave drying fixation machine:

Honeysuckle microwave fixation machine is the key technical step to form and improve the quality of honeysuckle. Honeysuckle completely destroys the activity of enzyme by microwave high temperature, removes the grass gas of honeysuckle and evaporates a part of water, laying a good foundation for ensuring and improving the quality of honeysuckle. Adopt microwave honeysuckle fixation, because the microwave heating is carried out simultaneously inside and outside, uniform fixation effect, no blackheads will appear.

Microwave fixation time is short, and the fixation effect is achieved in 3 minutes. The honeysuckle color after the fixation is beautiful. Microwave honeysuckle fixation equipment only needs electricity, no waste gas, no pollution, and is an energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in the processing of modern agricultural products.

II. Features of microwave honeysuckle fixation machine:

1. Microwave fixation speed is fast and efficiency is high.

2. microwave drying effect is good, the color is green.

3. microwave drying will not lose the active ingredients of honeysuckle.

4.drying, sterilization, killing, insecticide can be carried out simultaneously, and at the same time play a better effect.

5. the product quality is good, greatly maintaining the active ingredients of gold and silver medicine. Because the surface temperature of honeysuckle is not too high, the chlorophyll changes little, the color is green and resistant, the aroma loss is less, and the drying is uniform. At the same time, due to the rapid evaporation of water, it is easy to form porosity, and the rehydration of the product is good. Dissolution.

6.the equipment is simple, advanced technology, easy to operate. It saves floor space, saves energy, and effectively improves working conditions.

III. Differences of traditional fixation and microwave honeysuckle fixation :

Honeysuckle traditional killing mainly adopts roller drying and drying, long drying time, honeysuckle color is difficult to guarantee, flower breaking rate is high, and microwave honeysuckle smashing machine, one machine dual-use, killing thoroughly, drying speed, no change and loss of honeysuckle color And active ingredients. The size of the equipment is optional, and the user can select the appropriate equipment according to his own investment conditions. The equipment covers a small area, and only electricity can be used, environmental protection and energy saving.

IV. Technical Parameters:

Electric power supply

380V,50Hz (Customized)

Microwave output power


Microwave input apparent power

12KVA (0~12KW adjustable)

Microwave output frequency


Temperature measurement range and accuracy

0-200℃, accuracy±1℃

Equipment working ambient



No dust, no corrosive or explosive air

Feeding inlet height

60mm (Customized)

Conveyor belt




0~10m/min, adjustable


Food grade TEFLON

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

About 7200*860*2050mm (Customized)

Cooling type

Air cooling


Manual control

Microwave leakage standard

according with China GB10436-89 standard ≦2MW/CM2  (Ours standard≦5MW/CM2

Safety standard

According with China GB-5226 electrical safety standard.

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