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Microwave chemical products drying machine

Microwave chemical products drying machine

Application Range:

Mainly used for the rapid drying powder,granular,pasty materials,such as glass fiber, chemical raw materials, cellulose (such as hydroxyethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.), mannitol, nickel hydroxide, lithium cobaltate, graphite, carbon brush, silicon carbide, calcium chloride dihydrate, active Carbon, zirconium oxychloride, zirconium oxide, copper oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium carbonate, copper carbonate, manganese carbonate, zirconium orthosulfate, ammonium zirconium carbonate, zirconium silicate, potassium zirconium carbonate, oily ink drier Water-based ink cross-linking water-repellent agent, expandable graphite, various ceramic zirconia, nano-iron oxide, cobalt oxalate, etc.. The equipment also can be used for the desulfurization of a variety of cross-sectional area of strip and tubular shape rubber products,rubber tape,rubber hose,foam rubber,latex mattresses and pillows,rubber seals,thermosetting plastics,resin,ordinary tires etc.

Features of microwave chemical products drying machine:

1.  The equipment effect on the product directly,fast drying speed,uniform heating;

2.  Adopt different stainless steel plate, corrosion resistant , high temperature resistant, oxidation resistant;

3.  Tunnel type continuous production,simple operation, easy to control;

4. The equipment use specially manufactured conveyor belt ,maximum resist 1000,high flash point,long service life;

5. Save energy and efficient, using microwave as energy utilization, reducing energy consumption by more than 25% than far-infrared and steam drying methods.

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