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Industrial Microwave Frozen Seafood Thawing Machine

Industrial Microwave Frozen Seafood Thawing Machine

Instruction :

Microwave thawing is that use microwave energy penetrating rapid heating frozen products which temperature is -42 to -18 ℃ , make frozen food inner and outer thaw at the same time and raised to -2 ~0℃not drip state.


Microwave thawing equipment is currently the best thaw way in the meat industry.After thawing ,the color and taste of meat or seafood products is exactly the same with the before thawing, microwave thawing will not cause any damage and loss of the product, but because of different dielectric constant of ice and water ,therefore microwave thawing must be controlled below 0 ℃ , this means microwave thawing is suitable for any meat cutting further processing.


Microwave thawing characteristic:


1). Fast thawing,high efficiency ; 2). Environmental and no pollution;

3). After thawing,product don’t drop and cut easily ; 4). Ensure material nutritional, no corruption; 


 Usage :

This equipment is used for  defrosting  frozen  meat(beef,chicken,pork,duck etc ) ,aquatic products,meat products,seafood,poultry, egg products etc continuous processing system.


Differences of traditional thawing and microwave thawing: 

Traditional thawing Features:

The water-soluble thawing method and natural thawing method thaw, energy mainly be passed by heat conduction, due to first heated surface of thermal conduction is material surface, frozen material surface is easy to generate water after heated so that the thermal conductivity will be lower and slow thaw speed .

  Microwave thawing features:

Adopts 915MHZ microwave source.While processing, microwave penetrate material inside and outside ,heat at the same time, don’t need heat conduction,it can be thawed with package, high speed, low energy consumption, environmental protection and health. Less operators needed while thawing, good working environment.


This equipment is used for defrosting frozen meat,aquatic products,meat products,seafood,poultry, egg products etc continuous processing system. Thawing time can be reduced to 3~5 minutes from several days, adjustable temperature rising make the materials achieve the subsequent processing optimum temperature and the best structure state in a few minutes.

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