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30KW Microwave Vacuum Equipment

30KW Microwave Vacuum Equipment

I. Main Application:

Microwave vacuum low-temperature drying sterilizer is used for heat-sensitive medicinal materials, solid preparations, extracts and other materials to be dried at low temperature. It can also be used as a vacuum concentrating equipment. It has a fast drying speed and can greatly improve product quality. It has high efficiency, energy saving, uniform heating and easy operation. , easy to install and maintain.

It can also be used for drying, warming, sterilizing and aging of pharmaceuticals, biological products and agricultural by-products, and is particularly excellent for drying various pills and granular materials. The microwave low-temperature vacuum drying equipment also has the effect of sterilization, the power limit is adjustable, the intelligent control, the environment and temperature are controllable, the safety and hygiene of the produced products reach the national standard, and the shelf life can be extended.

II. Working Principle:

When the equipment is running, the microwave is first generated by the magnetron, and is input into the microwave cavity through the inlet device; the moisture in the material in the cavity is heated and evaporated under the action of the microwave energy, and the water vapor is removed by the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying. The bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects produced by the microwave electromagnetic field. Since the microwave acts directly on the material, the drying temperature is low, the speed is fast, and the loss of the active ingredient in the drug is small.

III. Structure and Characteristics:

The heat sensitive material can be quickly dried, dehydrated and concentrated under normal temperature conditions, and the material dehydration temperature can be controlled below 70 °C. The device adopts infrared temperature measurement, temperature, time and power can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material, intelligent control, simple operation, uniform heating, saving energy by 50% compared with the power consumption of conventional process equipment, in addition, it can also be used Drying, dehydration and concentration treatment of many easy oxide materials. The material tray adopts a hanging basket and the paving area is large.

IV. Technical Parameters:

Power supply

380V 50Hz three-phase five-wire (CUSTOMIZED)

Rated input power


Microwave output power

30KW (adjustable)

Microwave frequency


Control method

PLC control



Transmission speed


Environment temperature


Relative humidity≤80%

Microwave heating box


Material putting area

10 turntable baskets


Baskets size(L*W*H)


Microwave feed method

Top feed

Transformer cooling way

Water cooling

Magnetron cooling way

Water cooling



Microwave leakage standard

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(5 mw/cm^2)

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

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