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Herb Extract Vacuum Dryer

Herb Extract Vacuum Dryer

Microwave vacuum low-temperature drying sterilization machine

I. Application :

Microwave vacuum low temperature drying sterilization machine is mainly used for high value-added, heat-sensitive medicinal materials, solid preparations, extracts and other materials for low temperature drying, can also be used as a vacuum concentration equipment, drying speed, can greatly improve product quality, with high efficiency Energy-saving, uniform heating, easy operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

Also can be used for agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, medicine, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials, such as drying, heating, sterilization, aging, and various kinds of pills, granular materials, drying effect is particularly excellent. Microwave low temperature vacuum drying equipment also has the effect of sterilization, adjustable power limits, intelligent control, environmental, temperature controllable, the safety and health of the products produced to meet national standards, but also extend the shelf life.

II. Vacuum Drying Principles :

When the equipment is running, microwaves are first generated by the magnetron and input into the microwave cavity through the feeding device. The moisture in the material in the cavity is heated and evaporated under the action of the microwave energy, and the water vapor is eliminated through the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying. Bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects of microwave electromagnetic fields. Since the microwaves directly act on the materials, the drying temperature is low, the speed is high, and the loss of active ingredients in the medicine is small.

The vacuum drying of food materials is the same as the drying under normal pressure, except that the evaporation temperature of moisture is lower than the evaporation temperature under normal pressure under vacuum conditions. The higher the degree of vacuum, the lower the evaporation temperature, so the entire drying process can be performed at a lower temperature.

III. Features:

1. High efficiency: its production efficiency is 4 times that of conventional drying;

2. The heat distribution is good: due to the selective heating of water molecules by microwaves, the internal moisture content of the material is high, from the inside to the outside during heating, consistent with the direction of moisture diffusion and the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, and the phenomenon of uneven distribution of the conventional dry heat does not occur. ;

3. Easy to control: The vacuum degree adjustment of the microwave can be controlled through PLC programming. The outside is equipped with a special sight glass to observe the whole process of drying;

4. High quality: Effective ingredients are not easy to decompose and damage at low temperature, but also have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, extending the shelf life;

5. Economical energy consumption, high degree of automation.

6. Low-temperature and high-efficiency: It is known that the gas pressure is reduced and the boiling point of water is reduced at the same time. For example, at a standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100°C, and at 0.073 atmospheres, the boiling point of water is 40°C. Under vacuum conditions, heating the object causes the internal moisture of the object to evaporate without any temperature rise. Microwave vacuum cryogenic heat-sensitive materials, drying speed is much higher than conventional drying, the ratio is generally more than a dozen or even dozens.

7. Improve quality: Dry in low temperature, oxygen-free environment to better ensure product quality.

IV: Main Technical Parameters:

Power supply

380V 50Hz three-phase five-wire (CUSTOMIZED)

Rated input power


Microwave output power

30KW (adjustable)

Microwave frequency


Control method

PLC control



Transmission speed


Environment temperature


Relative humidify≤80%

Microwave heating box


Material putting area

10 turntable baskets


Baskets size(L*W*H)


Microwave feed method

Top feed

Transformer cooling way

Water cooling

Magnetron cooling way

Water cooling



Microwave leakage standard

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(5 mw/cm^2

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

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