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Chili Powder Sterilizer

Chili Powder Sterilizer

I. Application:

The microwave spice sterilization machine can be used for the sterilization of red chilli, chilli powder, paprika, turmeric, black pepper, white pepper, curry powder, corinander, seasonings, condiments, and other whole spices and spice powders.

II. Features:

1. Wide application :drying and sterilizing for food,food  additives,tea,spices etc

2. Fast speed,only need a few minutes,big output,continues production

3. Keeping the original nutrition,color,taste and flavor

4. Drying and sterilizing simultaneously,multifunction

5. Uniform drying,selective drying,no need turn over the material

6. Low temperature sterilization:the temperature is between 70~90°C

7. Tunnel type design,fast drying,cover small area

8. Compact structure,no energy dissipation,save energy

9. Only need electricity power,no environmental pollution

10. Adopt 304# stainless steel,fully meet with food machinery requirements

11. Microwave leak:accord with a country GB10436-89 standard(≤5mw/cm2)

12. Control system:PLC control interface or the press-button control

13. Magnetron:adopt Panasonic magnetron,long life,best effect

14. Equipment safety:accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

15. Equipment food process equipment security standard:accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food machinery health security index.

III. Microwave Structure :

1. Microwave heating box

a.Adopt 304# stainless steel material board;

b.Have 5 heating boxes which connected by stainless steel screws tightenly;

c.Design observation windows on the front of box , can see the materials situation clearly.

d.To be safe, there is Automatic Power-off device while open the door of the machine.

2. Microwave control system

a. Control mode: common button control/PLC control

b. Separate control cabinet.All control switches and displays focus on the central control cabinet.

c.Temperature control mode: one set of far-infrared thermometer was installed on the top of last box to measure the product

temperature.Set appropriate upper and lower limits of temperature to prevent insufficient heating or overheating of the material and

ensure the final quality of the product. Measuring range:0~300℃.

d. Microwave power adjustment range: 0~20KW(adjustable)

e.Every microwave source is an independent unit. If one is broken, the machine will not be prevented from running.

f. Every magnetron has an overheating protection device.

g.Monitoring system.From the monitor display device,you can see the products situation .

3. Transmission system

a.Transmission type:frequency control of motor speed

b.Transmission speed:0~10m/min(adjustable)

c.Conveyor belt: high temperature resistance Teflon conveyor belt,special for microwave Width:500mm

d.Equip with manual deviation adjustment device to ensure stable and long-term operation.

4. Microwave safety protection system

a.There is one suppressor on the both side of heating box to prevent microwave leakage .

b.The doors of observation window are equipped with security protection system for opening doors and cutting off power.

5. Ventilation and dehumidification system

a.Equip with dehumidifying device, have 3 dehumidifying moths.

b.Use PVC tube to connect machine with dehumidifying fan,drain the moisture from inside cavity to the outside .

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