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Source:Shandong YeMai Commerce Co., Ltd. Date:2021/8/9
Prompt:Tunnel microwave spices sterilizer ,chili powder sterilization machine can be used for sterilizing different kinds of spices , including whole, powder and granule.

1. Steam sterilization method disadvantages:

Since the heat of steam is transferred from the outside to the inside, the sterilization time is long, which will adversely affect the flavor of the material (such as the loss of fragrant substances and sensitive amino acids), and the energy consumption is large and the operation is cumbersome. Production continuity is poor.

2. Irradiation technology sterilization method disadvantages:

It will destroy the molecular structure of the material, causing irreversible damage; generate irradiation residue, destroy the original flavor of the food; make the color of some foods lighter or fade; due to irradiation The dose should not exceed 10kGy, so the killing of certain stubborn and harmful bacteria is not complete. And the scientific community is still controversial about the safety of irradiated foods. Countries around the world are cautious about the approval of irradiated foods. For example, Japan, which was hit by atomic bombs during World War II, banned the import and sale of irradiated food. At the same time, many consumers are also very conservative about the purchase of irradiated food.

3. Microwave seasoning sterilization method has the advantages of fast, energy saving, uniform heating, low processing temperature, preservation of flavor and nutrients, safety without residue, no pollution, and easy automatic production. Microwave is widely used in the food industry and can be used for food sterilization, drying, curing, baking, puffing, modification, and accelerating chemical reactions.

Practice has proved that treating food with microwaves is a very safe technology that does not produce harmful residues.

Microwave spices sterilization machine have following advantages:

1. Easy to use, microwave equipment can be installed and used in the food workshop. In order to use radiation sterilization, we must first find a professional irradiation factory. However, China has implemented a very strict licensing system for the construction of the irradiation factory. The number of irradiation plants is small, and the food is transported to the remote irradiation factory. In order to be sterilized, the result is inconvenient, increases transportation costs, and wastes manpower.

2. Reduce the cost of sterilization. Microwave is used to sterilize powdered seasonings. The cost of processing one kilogram of material is only need 0.1~0.2rmb, the cost is lower than rradiation sterilization.

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