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Source:Shandong YeMai Commerce Co., Ltd. Date:2021/5/19
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  • Instruction of microwave tea fixation machine

Fixing is one of the initial processes of green tea, yellow tea, black tea, and oolong tea. The main purpose is to inhibit the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols in fresh leaves by destroying and inactivating the oxidase activity in fresh leaves through high temperature, and to evaporate some of the water in the fresh leaves to make the tea softer and easier to roll and shape while emitting green odor. Taste promotes the formation of good aromas. Fixing is the key process for the formation of green tea and other shapes and qualities.

Tea fixation is the destruction of the high temperature and passivation of oxidase activity in fresh tea leaves, inhibiting the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols in fresh leaves, evaporating the part of  water in the fresh leaves, making the tea soft, easy to shape, and emitting green odor taste, a tea making step that promotes the formation of good aromas.

  • The characteristics of tea fixation microwave equipment

1. The microwave equipment to kill green tea, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation, no secondary pollution, in line with national food hygiene standards.

2. Temperature difference in the heating cabinet is small, and the unique adjustable air distribution plate ensures that the material is evenly heated.

3. Microwave tunnel tea fixation equipment, automatic temperature control, humidity control, to ensure the necessary drying temperature and humidity (including automatic heating, intelligent dehumidification system tide).

4. The time is controlled automatically maintain the microwave ,ensure the automatic management of tea.

5. During the work of fixing tea, the amount of moisture released is large and fast.

6. The aircraft structure is reasonable, easy installation and maintenance, stable operation, easy to use, long life.

Microwave fixation equipment is different from ordinary tea fixation technology. It is summarized as following characteristics:

1) The heating layer in the process of fixing the tea by the microwave equipment is first formed inside the material and then spread outward from the inner layer. The reason is that the material is heated at the same time inside and outside under microwave conditions. The internal temperature is higher than the external temperature. The water vapor is discharged from the inward surface layer and the inside of the material is first formed into a high-temperature layer; conventional heating can easily form a layer of high-temperature hard shell on the outside of the material. This will not only affect the material. The quality and appearance will also reduce the speed of fixation. Microwave fixation has fundamentally avoided the above situations.

2) Anti-mite, anti-mildew, extended shelf life. The microwave can penetrate the inside of the tea leaf, so that the parasitized eggs in the tea can be quickly killed to achieve the functions of preventing worms and preventing mildew and extending the shelf life.

3) Microwave energy saving. With far-infrared and steam energy, its energy efficiency is less than 50%, while the use of microwave energy as an energy source can reach over 75%, which is more than 25% lower than far infrared and steam energy consumption.

  • Design structure

Tea leaves microwave equipment, the overall shape of the compact, beautiful, smooth, small footprint. For the physical properties of the material, a reasonable box size is designed so that the microwave power density in the heater is uniform, and the microwave is fed in from the top down to make the material heating more uniform. Adopt new microwave technology and equipment. It can realize the pollution-free and uniform fixation of materials. In addition, the speed of fixation is usually increased by several times, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the energy consumption for killing is usually reduced by more than 50%. The hygienic indicators are in full compliance with the national food hygiene standards and ultimately achieve safe, clean and efficient production.

1) Using unique microwave source and its control technology to ensure long-term continuous and stable operation of the microwave source system in various complex environments;

2) Using a highly efficient microwave transmission system based on a special standard to uniformly feed the material, ensuring that the material is homogenized, and effectively avoiding the phenomenon that the local temperature of the material is too high;

3) Using original mathematics and physics models, combined with process requirements for scientific cavity design, to ensure the highest dehydration efficiency, while avoiding the occurrence of hot spots, fire, splashing, burningand other undesirable phenomena in the cavity .

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