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Source:Shandong YeMai Commerce Co., Ltd. Date:2021/5/19
Prompt:After being irradiated by ultraviolet light, the protein and nucleic acid absorbed the energy of uv spectrum, which would lead to protein degeneration and cause microbial death. In the production equipment of beverage filling, the lid conveyor is a lid press or a screw cap conveyor for conveying bottle caps.

After being irradiated by ultraviolet light, the protein and nucleic acid absorbed the energy of uv spectrum, which would lead to protein degeneration and cause microbial death. In the production equipment of beverage filling, the lid conveyor is a lid press or a screw cap conveyor for conveying bottle caps. Or conveyor belt in the upper portion of the lost machine surge bin ultraviolet germicidal lamp installed, the top of the bottle cap in the process of conveying accept ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light to place can achieve better sterilization effect. Because of the poor light transmittance of the bottle cap, ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the cap and reach the other side of the cap. Therefore, the cap can only achieve partial sterilization, and the surface of sterilization is random. To a targeted surface sterilization of bottle caps, in capping machine or twist the cap machine cap glide path to install uv germicidal lamp, through the bottle cap has been organized in the same direction, ultraviolet irradiation side is cap and beverage side of contact, effectively improve the sterilization effect. Uv sterilization equipment is simple, no necessary equipment, low cost, convenient operation and management, wide use. Due to the structure characteristics of the slide and the killing characteristics of microorganisms by ultraviolet rays, the uv sterilization method is generally suitable for use in the bottle caps of the following types of beverages:
High temperature filling of tea drinks, juice drinks
Tea drinks and juice drinks contain a variety of microbes (bacteria, mold, yeast, etc.). The purpose of beverage sterilization is to kill these microbes. At present, high temperature and short - term sterilization method, also known as instantaneous sterilization method. High temperature filling is made after the instantaneous sterilization drink cooling a between 85 ℃ ~ 92 ℃ temperature range for filling, choose crystallization heat of hot filling bottles of beverage bottle, cap to choose 85 ℃ heat resistant cap and filling way USES the full bottle filling, after filling gland (or screw-top) increase bottle device: the bottle dumping 90 ° ~ 180 °, inside the bottle cap to make use of beverage own high temperature sterilization. Therefore, the early treatment of bottle cap can also use ultraviolet sterilization.
Hot water spray sterilization
Heating sterilization is one of the most traditional methods of food preservation. Microbial cells if heated to a certain temperature, intracellular physiological active substances, such as enzyme protein, nuclear proteins, DNA, etc.) will occur degeneration and passivation, and loss of activity of death. The heating temperature and time of microbial killing are obviously different according to the types of microorganisms, cell physiological states, cell concentration and so on. To kill a specific bacteria, improve the sterilization temperature can shorten the heating time and lower temperature need to extend the heating time, temperature is too low, the bactericidal effect for some heat resistant strains is not. Hot water spray sterilization is to use the nozzle to the bottle cap spray hot water in many directions, while sterilization is also removing the bottle cap inside and outside the surface of dust. This method in the production, the cover and the cap according to the same direction within the cap channel, are placed at the bottom of the channel on the nozzle, the nozzle to rush forward cap multi-faceted hot water spray, is the temperature of the hot water sterilization temperature, the time is the sterilization time accept spray blunt. Metal cover due to its high temperature resistance, impact of hot water temperature can exceed 85 ℃, gush rushed time can be as the hot water temperature increase and reduction; For plastic bottle caps, spray hot water temperature control at 85 ℃ in general. After sterilization of hot water, sterile air should be sprayed on the cap to dry the cap. Hot water spray sterilization needs to provide hot water and sterile air, and corresponding supporting equipment is required. The production will consume heat energy and a small amount of water resources, and it is accompanied by common common equipment. Hot water spray sterilization can be used for high temperature filling of tea beverage and juice beverage bottle cap treatment, also can be used for mineral water bottle cap sterilization.
Ozone sterilization
Ozone has a very strong oxidizing property, it can directly destroy the ribonucleic acid or deoxygenated nucleic acid of the virus and kill it. Ozone can also damage the cell membranes of bacteria and fungi, inhibit their growth, and further infiltrate and destroy the tissue in the membrane, until bacteria and fungi die. Ozone dissolves in water, sterilizing effect is very good in humidity environment, also can use ozone water to sterilize bottle cap. Ozone water sterilization will be discussed later. The higher the concentration of ozone, the better the sterilization effect. When the concentration of ozone is 4.0mg/m3, the sterilization time generally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. In need of ozone sterilization, time is very long, for automation of beverage production line have a certain production capacity, if is to satisfy the sterilization effect and to make cap sterilization process is completed in sterilization equipment, sterilization equipment needs to be done is very large. , in the process of actual production cap ozone sterilization is have a certain production capacity of beverage production line automation, placed in a larger sealed space a certain amount of cap and then on the cap's space filling a certain concentration of ozone and maintain for a period of time. The number of caps placed shall be determined to maintain the number of caps required for production. After sterilization, the longer the cap storage time, the greater the risk of pollution, so generally storage time not more than a week. After sterilization, the cap needs to be isolated from the outside world. When the cap conveyor needs the cap, it should be sent to the cap conveyor. At present, the independent equipment that USES ozone sterilization directly is seen in the small container cap sterilization cabinet more. This kind of bottle cap sterilization cabinet sterilization space is small, production capacity is small, interval production, non-automation. When using this kind of ozone sterilization cabinet, it is necessary to manually move the sterilization bottle cap out of the sterilization cabinet and put it into the lid conveyor, which is easy to cause the secondary pollution of the bottle cap. Therefore, ozone sterilization is only suitable for non-automatic production lines, or small production lines with certain sterilization requirements for bottle caps.

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