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Source:Shandong YeMai Commerce Co., Ltd. Date:2021/5/19
Prompt:Several features of microwave sterilizer using oral liquid

Several features of microwave sterilizer using oral liquid:
1) sterilization temperature escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis as long as heated to 70 ℃ in the microwave field, for 2 minutes were all killed.
Fat thermophilic hay bacillus, using traditional methods need to heat up to 100 ℃, 30 minutes, can't be killed. In the microwave field, the temperature is 70 ℃, keep for 2 minutes, or be killed. The feedback from users indicates that the sterilization can be carried out with 5 kw microwave equipment, 50 seconds can kill bacteria, and 8 kw microwave equipment can kill bacteria in 35 seconds.
2) use the microwave sterilizer of oral solution to sterilize, the effective ingredients of the medicine will not be decomposed, and the traditional method will sterilize the medicine, and the effective ingredients of the medicine will be decomposed significantly
3) with oral liquid microwave sterilizer sterilization can not only improve the product's quality, overcome quality problems of oral liquid, but also for the state to the collective, is for the majority of oral liquid production manufacturer to save a lot of manpower and material resources.
The difference between sterilization by microwave sterilizer with oral liquid and traditional sterilization process:
A, compared with the traditional sterilization technology, microwave sterilization machine cost is low, cover an area of an area small, the traditional high temperature and high pressure equipment, which requires A boiler pressure cooker, so expensive, covers an area of large.
B. Microwave sterilizer consumes less energy, and high-temperature and high-pressure equipment consumes more energy.
C. The microwave sterilizer has fewer operators, only 2-3 people, and the high-temperature and high-voltage equipment should be equipped with more than 10 people for operation and management.

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