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Source:Shandong YeMai Commerce Co., Ltd. Date:2021/5/19
Prompt:Comparing microwave dryer with traditional dryer , microwave have many advantages.

In conventional or surface drying, the processing time is limited by the rate of heat flowing from the surface into the body of the material as determined by surface heat, thermal conductivity, density and viscosity. Surface heating is not only slow, but the surface, edges and corners are more evenly heated than the interior of the material.

Therefore, the quality of conventionally dried materials is variable and often not as good as expected.

Poor drying results in product waste, waste of energy and extended processing time, requiring a large area of production area for the oven. The temperature required for large drying reactions varies slowly, takes a long time to warm up, and has a high heat capacity and radiation loss. Their slow performance has slowed their response to changes in production requirements, making their control difficult, subjective and expensive.

Instead, using microwave dryer, the volume of material can be heated at substantially the same rate. This is called volumetric drying. Energy is electromagnetically transferred through the material, not the heat flux. Therefore, the drying speed is not limited, and the uniformity of heat distribution is greatly improved. The heating time can be reduced to less than a percentage of the time required to use conventional techniques.

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