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Why choose 915MHz frequency microwave equipment to defrost frozen products(meat,seafood,vegetables,c

2019-12-05 18:51
Microwave machine have two kinds of frequency: 2450MHz and 915MHz.

915MHz microwave thawing equipment principle:
The frozen product is rapidly heated through penetration, so that the frozen product is thawed inside and outside at the same time and heated to a non-dripping state of -2℃.
In the microwave thawing process, because the wavelength of 915MHZ is longer than 2450MHZ, its penetration is stronger, more suitable for processing large food materials, the frequency is more suitable for the thawing process.

Microwave thawing equipment is the most ideal thawing method for frozen products, especially beef and mutton, frozen pork products, frozen chicken products and frozen seafood products.

The color and taste of thawed products are exactly the same as before thawing, which will not cause any damage or loss to the products.

However, due to the different dielectric constants of ice and water, microwave thawing equipment must be controlled below 0℃.

That means microwave-defrosted meat is suitable for any cut deep production.