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The difference between steam sterilization and microwave sterilization

2023-07-20 11:27

Steam Sterilization

The use of steam sterilization of powder products, defects:

1.Because of the steam heat transfer from outside to inside, sterilization time is very long, influence material flavor effect (such as a sweet material, sensitive amino acids loss), and a lot of energy, operation trival, poor continuity.

2.Use steam sterilization,need to equip the boiler and other auxiliary facilities, coal consumption, so need more workers.

Microwave sterilization

Microwave is electromagnetic waves which frequency from 300 MHZ to 300000 MHZ. Water molecule of heating medium material is polar molecule, its polarity orientation of the electric field with changes caused by the movement of molecules under high rapid frequency electromagnetic field changes, cause the numerator movement and the friction effect of each othe. Microwave field can field at this time into medium heat, make temperature of material increase, produce and popped a series of materialization process to reach the purpose of microwave drying sterilization.

Microwave sterilization is the extension of microwave heating technology function, performance for microwave and biology and its composition, the basic unit interact between cells, the cell biology physiological activities change and reaction,compare with traditional sterilizartion method, microwave sterilization has the following characteristics:

1.Microwave sterilization is a physical sterilization method, it does not need to add chemical preservatives, can kill bacteria, mould and worm eggs, and virus harmful microbes, in the process of kill harmful organisms, will not residue toxicology or radioactive materials on   food,safety and   harmless,also won't change food color and nutrition.

2.Under same temperature sterilization, sterilization time is short, do not need to preheating. Such as e. coli kill time about 30 S. In the same sterilization condition, the temperature of the deadly bacteria is lower, and the sterilization effect are remarkably.

3.Sterilize whole sterilization for material outside and inside at the same time, greatly shorten the sterilization cycle, and ensure the sterilization consistency.

4.Due to simultaneity of each part of material’s sterilization, sterilization time is short, can avoid the long time heating and effect food good quality, especially for food that aren’t suitable for sterilizing in high temperature or a long heating time. For example: volatile sweet essien components of ginger powder, contains more moisture of fresh and tender jellyfish, etc. For not only keeping for color, smell, taste and same quality requirements, etc,but also for material the need sterilize, using microwave sterilization can achieve the best effect.

5.Microwave sterilization can be divided into sterilizing before packaging and after packaging . Packaging container can't use metal material, need medium material, generally with plastic flexible packaging or glass, engineering plastic containers texture is advisable. To prevent from package expanding in microwave sterilization process, Equipment can be in work pressure in the warehouse by reverse pressure sterilization process to prevent the loss of package expanding.

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