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Focus on microwave equipment to understand the latest industry trends

What kind of puffing equipment should we choose for the pork rind snacks ?

2023-08-19 09:39

Porky puffs/Pork puffs is one famous snack food that made of extruded pig skin. It is milky white or milky yellow, crispy, and gives off an attractive fragrance. After the pig skin is puffed, its t volume is more than ten times larger than the original, and the hair roots disappear, which can be eaten directly or processed into other dishes.

As we all know, snacks such as pig skin, fish skin and fish maw generally need to be fried. Nowadays people pay more and more attention to health and try to reduce the intake of oil. Our tunnel microwave pig skin puffing equipment just solves this problem.

Microwave pigskin puffing technology as a new type of food industry production technology.Microwave puffing equipment widely used in leisure food, rice products, bean products, pigskin, pork skin,fish maw, fish skin, potato chips, shrimp chips, and other products of rapid expansion and puffing.

Microwave puffing technology method is a purely physical process, has high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection etc characteristics, the flood of products, the mesh uniform,   color and lustre off-white and preserved the original nutrients,   long bubble is not bad, no oil, taste good.Microwave pigskin expanded new craft, not Fried, provincial artificial, no soot, clean sanitation, conforms to the concept of organic food, favored by consumers, this technique is to be a revolutionary replace traditional frying process.


1. According to the special pigskin puffing process, unique microwave puffing and lard collection device can feed way, have mature counterpart equipment production experience, greatly improve product quality and create benefit.

2. Optimal material: whole machine adopts food grade stainless steel material independent research and development of microwave system core parts manufacturing, equipment dedicated electrical components adopt domestic industry the highest standard, also can use international brand if you needed, like Siemens PLC, SEW motor,Schneider electrical components .

3. Convenient operation: equipment can be used immediately after opening, stop immediately after closing, work status display, man-machine interface,PLC program control.

4. Control automation: adjustable belt speed ,adjustable power,controlled temperature and realize linkage of microwave,realize the industrial microwave equipment high automation,humanized concept.