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Why choose 915MHz frequency microwave equipment to defrost frozen products(meat,seafood,vegetables,c

Microwave machine have two kinds of frequency: 2450MHz and 915MHz.915MHz microwave thawing equipment principle:The frozen product is rapidly heated through penetration, so that the frozen product i...

What kind of puffing equipment should we choose for the pork rind snacks ?

Porky puffs/Pork puffs is one famous snack food that made of extruded pig skin. It is milky white or milky yellow, crispy, and gives off an attractive fragrance. After the pig skin is puffed, its t...

The difference between steam sterilization and microwave sterilization

The different between steam sterilization and microwave sterilization .

Which is the highest efficiency way to dry the mealworm ?

Continuous microwave mealworm drying equipment, very suitable for the drying of black fly, yellow mealworm, silkworm pupa, fly maggot, grasshopper etc insects.Tunnel tenebrio molitor drying equipme...

What is microwave pork skin puffing equipment ?

Microwave pigskin puffing technology as a new type of food industry production technology.Microwave puffing equipment widely used in leisure food, rice products, bean products, pigskin, pork skin,f...

How to choose the most suitable defrosting equipment for frozen meat ?

Microwave thawing equipment is the most ideal thawing method for meat products, especially beef and mutton, frozen pork products, frozen chicken products and frozen seafood products.