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The company adopts advanced technology, according to GMP and FDA standards to manufacture new series of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave energy application
equipment of more than 50 models and specifications.

Advanced Microwave Package Food Sterilization Equipment


Microwave sterilization machine,microwave sterilizing machine ,microwave sterilizing machine/equipment/machinery for bagged or bottled foods,microwave use its strong penetration ,can penetrate the packing and packed foods、medicine etc.Becuase metal and foil reflect microwave and without penatration,so the package shouldn’t adopt metal materials or containing metal components(such as aluminum foil plastic film).

Using microwave process bagged or bottled foods,because the food and medicine inside the package will increase temperature,cause high pressure,if completely sealed and pressure is too large,the pressure may break through the packaging .The solution as follows:

1.     First use microwave sterilization then seal or stamped rapidly.

2.     Sealed,put in a pressure vessel,then microwave sterilizing .

3.     Vacuum packing then use microwave sterilization.

In the packed foods sterilization preservation issues,microwave penetrating,don’t destory nutrients and low-temperature characteristics,showing a clear superiority.

Practice shows that the microwave sterilization can be used in a variety of cooked food(fish,meat,soy products ,pickles etc) and beverages(drinks,juice ).     Recent years,the market for dried fish is increasing quickly,some also have been exported to abroad,but for a long time,due to the lack of effective sterilization methods and ocure mildew phenomenon,use 2450MHz microwave processing equipment,not only have heating function but also have sterilization effect ,recently have been widely used in the fish drying and curing baking,save energy more than 50%,excellent quality and taste.

Conventional thermal processing vegetables,vitamin C reservation is 46~50%,but microwave processing 60~90%,normal liver heating ,vitamin A reserva 58%,but microwave processing 84%.

Save energy:Conventional thermal sterilization exist heat loss in the environment and equipment,but microwave directly process in the food,and no additional heat loss.     In contrast,you can save 30~50% power energy.

1.    Uniform throughly: Conventional thermal sterilization is on the surface first ,then transfer to the inside material.     There are temperature difference between inside and outside.     In order to maintain food flavor and shorten the processing time,usually the inside foods can’t reach a sufficient temperature and affect the bactericidal effect .Because microwave have penatration function,and process the whole products,surface and inside material have same effect in the same time,so the sterilization is uniform and complete.

2.    Easy to control:Microwave food sterilization process,equipment can use while open ,no conventional thermal sterilization thermal inertia,convenient operation,microwave power can adjust continuously from zero to rated power,speed also can be adjusted continuously from zero ,easy to control.

3.   Equipment simple,advanced technology:Compared with conventional sterilization,microwave sterilizing(sterilization)machine don’t need boiler、complicated tube system、coal yard and transport cars ect ,only need water and electric etc basic conditions.