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The company adopts advanced technology, according to GMP and FDA standards to manufacture new series of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave energy application
equipment of more than 50 models and specifications.

Advanced Tunnel Microwave Electric Honeysuckle Dryer Sterilizer


The application of microwave technology provides a new heating method for industrial heating, which has been widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, medical and other aspects.

First, using its thermal effect, it is mainly used for heating and drying of food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, wood, cardboard, chemical industry products, etc. Second,using its biological effects to sterilize food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, etc. at low temperature, anti-mildew insurance, Cui Chen and alcoholization of liquor, and suspend fermentation and breeding. As a high-tech today, microwave heating has long moved from the laboratory to the practical stage of production, and the prospects are very broad.

Instruction of Honeysuckle Dryer Machine:

Microwave refers to the electromagnetic waves frequency between 300MHz-300GHz, wavelength is between 1mm to 1m. Microwave usually shows penetration, reflection and absorption characteristics. For glass, plastic and porcelain, microwave will penetrate it without being absorbed. For water and food, it will absorb microwave and heating itself. For metal material, it will reflect the microwave. Water molecule is polar molecule, it will change its polarity and friction motion cause by the effect of high speed change of high frequency electromagnetic field. Then the microwave electromagnetic field energy can be converted into heat energy, and achieve the purpose of drying. Microwave uniform heat up the material inside and outside because of the strong penetrability, will not appear outside dry but inside wet. Body heat source state formation shortens the time of heat conduction and save a lot of drying time. Microwave sterilization temperature is from 70°C to 105°C, period is from 90 to 180 seconds. Microwave thermal effects change the bacterial protein, make it lose nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions and death. Microwave electromagnetic field can make normal growth and stability of the genetic breeding of bacteria nucleic acid [RNA] and deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] number of hydrogen bonds slack, breakage and recombination, thereby inducing genetic mutations, chromosomal aberrations and even rupture.

Application of Electric Herb Dryer Equipment:

Tunnel conveyor belt microwave herb dryer sterilizer widely used for drying and sterilizing different kinds of herb products, include leaves, granule , powder form etc .Herb products,like like stevia leaves, thyme,bay leaves,mint, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose,licorice,ganoderma lucidum powder etc.

Features of Tunnel belt microwave herb Dryer:

1) Conveyor belt type, dry continuously

2) Adjustable power, conveyor belt speed and power, can adjust according to your products characteristic

3) Microwave power directly effect on the processed products, no need heat transfer process, can achieve the drying process within a very short time.

4) Due to the fast drying speed, microwave drying machine maximally save the activity of the materials, nutrition ingredient and the original color.

4) Microwave dryer uniform heat up the material inside and outside because of the strong enetrability,will not appear outside dry but inside wet.

5) Microwave dryer can fast sterilization under low temperature sterilization, material can be stored for a long time, wont mildew.

Why use tunnel microwave dryer, not choose hot air dryer ?

Microwave drying is the use of microwave dielectric loss principle , its heating is that internal heating and external heating is at the same time,the heating speed is fast and uniform heating.

Microwave is tunnel conveyor belt type, dry continuously. During drying process, microwave also have sterilization function.

Hot air circulation drying is using heat to heat gradually from external to internal and achieve drying propose , drying fast is slow .After drying, the dired products color will have some changes.

Select which kind drying method,it is according to the product specific situation and your estimated budget .

Industrial Microwave Thyme Dryer Sterilizer have many models with different capacity ,also can be CUSTOMIZED according to your requirements !