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The company adopts advanced technology, according to GMP and FDA standards to manufacture new series of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave energy application
equipment of more than 50 models and specifications.

Advanced Paper Board Drying Equipment


The application of microwave technology provides a new heating method for industrial heating, which has been widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, medical and other aspects.

First, using its thermal effect, it is mainly used for heating and drying of food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, wood, cardboard, chemical industry products, etc. Second,using its biological effects to sterilize food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, etc. at low temperature, anti-mildew insurance, Cui Chen and alcoholization of liquor, and suspend fermentation and breeding. As a high-tech today, microwave heating has long moved from the laboratory to the practical stage of production, and the prospects are very broad.

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 300MHz to 300GHz, and their direction and size change periodically with time. The process of microwave directly acting with the material to convert ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves into heat energy is the microwave heating process. Water is a substance that strongly absorbs microwaves, the water molecules in the material are polar molecules, under the action of microwaves, its polarity orientation changes with the change of the external electromagnetic field, 915MHz microwave can make water molecules move 1.83 billion times per second, resulting in molecules are very friction, collision, so that the material heats and matures and a series of processes to achieve the purpose of microwave heating.

Application of tunnel paper board drying equipment:

Microwave cardboard drying equipment is mainly used in paper industry, cardboard, paper tube, paper tube, grey cardboard, paper character film, adhesive paper board and other paper industry drying; All kinds of cardboard, grey cardboard, kraft paper, carton, pulp, honeycomb cardboard, pulp model drying and curing shaping.

Features of paper curing machine:

Microwave cardboard,paper tube drying equipment,microwave drying machine,continuous industrial drying machinery for paper products,microwave paper cardboard dehydrator is a modern high-tech production equipment,it has changed the traditional heating and drying cardboard heat transfer method.Microwave dont need preheat and heat transfer,directly heat from inside to outside at the same time.And the heating uniformity,dont has coking phenomenon. But the traditional hot air transfer because some time low-temperature,some high temperature,resulting in different angles of coking and inside coking outside endogeny phenomenon,uneven heating.

Microwave paper products drying equipment can work continuously,easy to control,advanced craftwork,only one person can operate this machine,save labor.

Microwave have strong penetration for cardboard,practice shows that in cardboard production process, microwave drying compared with conventional process,not only fast drying speed,low power consumption,but also greatly improved the product quality.

Specific performance of paper dryer equipment:

1. Strong glue,greatly improved water resistance and compressive strength.

2. Fast drying,cardboard uniform,flat,small change.

3. Have strong sterilizing function while in microwave drying process,greatly improved mildew resistance ability.

4. Compared with far infrared drying,drying time short two-thirds,electricity consumption save 1/3.