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Big Capacity Pepper Red Chili Drying Line Heat Pump Dryer


The material drying process is a huge energy-consuming process, according to statistics, in most developed countries for drying energy consumption accounts for 7%-15% of the total national energy consumption, while the thermal efficiency is only 25%-50%, and most of the drying process, especially for heat-sensitive materials (such as food and biological materials) will have an impact on its color, nutrition, flavor and tissue. High temperature heat pump dryer technology has the advantages of low energy consumption, small environmental pollution, high drying quality, wide range of application, etc., and its excellent energy-saving effect has been proved by various experimental institutes at home and abroad.

High temperature heat pump dryer is suitable for drying many product materials, seafood, vegetable dehydration, AD black silver fungus, melon seeds, peanuts, fruits and vegetables, meat products, casings, tobacco, leather, shiitake mushrooms, goji berries, dried fruits, mosquito coils, tribute incense, cloth, clothing, grain and grain, hanging noodles, curd bamboo, fertilizer, medicine, Chinese medicinal materials, paper, wood, seeds, sludge, gypsum, hardware products, metallurgical products, mining by-products, chemical products, flue gas desulfurization gypsum, clay, pasture, flue-cured tobacco, pulverized coal, slime, lignite, etc.

In terms of industrial hot water, it can also meet the constant temperature of electroplating solution of electroplating plant, heating and insulation of high-temperature hot water in slaughterhouses, supply of high-temperature hot water in star-rated hotels and high-temperature hot water needs of industrial enterprises.

1. It can realize low-temperature air closed cycle drying, and the material drying quality is good. Through the working conditions of the control device, the temperature of the hot dry air in the drying room is between 20~80 °C, which can meet the high-quality drying requirements of most heat-sensitive materials; The closed circulation of the drying medium avoids possible contamination of the material with the gas exchange outside, which is particularly important for food, pharmaceuticals or biological products.

2. High efficiency and energy saving. The heat of the heating air in the heat pump dryer mainly comes from the sensible heat and latent heat contained in the warm and humid air discharged from the recovery drying room, and the energy that needs to be input is only the power consumption of the heat pump compressor, and the heat pump has the advantage of consuming a small amount of work to produce a large amount of heat, so the heat pump drying device SMER (consumption of unit energy to remove the amount of moisture in the wet material) is usually 1.0~4.0kg/kWh, while the SMER value of the traditional convection dryer is about 0.2~0.6kg/kWh.

3. Temperature and humidity control is convenient. When the material has high requirements for the temperature and humidity of the air entering the drying room (such as wood, etc.), the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature of the working fluid in the evaporator and condenser can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the material for texture and appearance.

4. Useful volatile components in recyclable materials. Some materials contain volatile components (such as fragrance and other volatile components), when drying by heat pump, in the drying room, volatile components and moisture are vaporized into the air, and the air containing volatile components is cooled by the evaporator, the volatile components are also liquefied, discharged with the condensate, collect the condensate containing volatile components, and separate the useful volatile components by appropriate methods.

5. Environmentally friendly. The drying medium in the heat pump drying device is closed in it, and there is no pollution caused by material dust, volatile substances and peculiar smells discharged to the environment with the drying exhaust gas; The waste heat in the exhaust of the drying room is directly recovered by the heat pump to heat the cold and dry air, and there is no heat pollution to the environment by the unit.

6. Multi-function can be realized. The heat pump in the heat pump drying device also has a refrigeration function, which can use the refrigeration function to achieve low-temperature processing (such as quick-freezing, refrigeration) or preservation of a variety of materials in the season when there are fewer drying tasks, and can also expand the heating function of the heat pump to heat planting (such as greenhouses) or breeding sites in the cold season.

7. The heat pump dryer is suitable for a wide range of materials. The materials suitable for drying are mainly a large class of materials with a temperature between 20~80 °C in the drying process, or although the materials can withstand higher temperatures, but the heat pump is used to dry more energy-saving or safe materials. Materials such as wood (such as oak), grains, seeds, edible fungi (such as mushrooms, fungus), medicinal materials (such as ginseng, etc.), seafood (such as fresh oysters, scallops, etc.), bioactive products (such as cells, enzymes), tea, paper, etc. have been studied and applied.

8. Compared with other low temperature (air temperature in the drying room <40 °C) drying devices (such as microwave drying, vacuum drying, freeze drying), due to the small initial investment of the equipment and low operating costs, the heat pump dryer device has obvious economy. The equipment cost of the heat pump drying device is mainly the heat pump part and the drying chamber part, of which the drying chamber part has the same requirements as the ordinary convection drying chamber, and there are no special air tightness and pressure-bearing requirements.

9. Compared with the ordinary drying device (air temperature into the drying room > 40 °C), because the initial investment of the heat pump dryer is generally higher than the air electric heating device, gas or coal-fired hot blast furnace, so the initial investment of the drying device is generally higher than the ordinary drying device, the energy efficiency of the heat pump dryer drying device is high, the operating cost is low, and its comprehensive economy still has certain advantages.