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The company adopts advanced technology, according to GMP and FDA standards to manufacture new series of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave energy application
equipment of more than 50 models and specifications.

1000KG/H Frozen Fruits Thawing Machine Microwave Defrosting Equipment


Microwave Thawing Technology is a form of internal heating .

The principle of the Industrial Microwave Defrosting Equipment is that electromagnetic waves act on the polar groups of high and low molecules in the frozen product, especially on water molecules.   It causes the polar molecules to change their orientation in the high-frequency electromagnetic field, which causes the molecules to rotate, vibrate, collide and rub against each other, generating heat.   The higher the frequency of the electromagnetic wave, the greater the collision and friction, the more heat is generated, and the faster the thawing.

The principle of microwave thawing in the food industry refers to the method of thawing frozen food under the action of electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency.   Traditional frozen food thawing equipment is performed at room temperature or in a heated room (or hot water).

Traditional thawing equipment is due to the fact that frozen food has higher thermal conductivity than non-frozen food, and the heat transfer during the thawing process is carried out from the surface to the inside.

When the thawing temperature is constant, the outer layer of food thaws thermally slower than the inner layer, and the thawing time is long, which is likely to cause the loss of juice and affect the quality of the thawed food.

915mhz industrial microwave defrosting equipment utilizes the strong penetrating power of microwave energy at low temperature and the dielectric characteristics of ice.   In industry, microwaves are used for thawing and temperature adjustment of frozen meat, which can obtain fresh meat-like quality and is conducive to Better utilization of raw meat and further processing after thawing.

Microwave thawing equipment is the most ideal thawing method for meat products, especially beef and mutton,   frozen pork products,   frozen chicken products and   frozen seafood products. The color and taste of thawed products are exactly the same as before thawing, which will not cause any damage or loss to the products. However, due to the different dielectric constants of ice and water, microwave thawing equipment must be controlled below 0℃. That means microwave-defrosted meat is suitable for any cut deep production, not directly from frozen to chilled meat.

Microwave thawing machine frequency adopts 915MHz microwave generator, whose penetration is far more than 2450MHz microwave generator,single microwave generator is 20KW, equipment can design 20KW~100KW, if applied in the thawed material reprocessing, after the thawing temperature to keep -5 ~1, thawing output can reach 2500KG/H.

1. Only consume electric energy, no emission, environmental protection and pollution-free;

2.10min fast thawing, high efficiency;

3. No water, no discoloration, no flesh damage after thawing;

4. Microwave can penetrate thawing, not restricted by the shape of the thawed product;

5. Cover small area, convenient installation;

6. There is no need for consumables to operate the equipment, low operation cost.

Comparison with other thawing methods:

1. Airflow thawing

That is, the temperature difference between the product and the gas flow and the adjustment of the gas flow rate are used to conduct heat to the frozen body through the gas static pressure of the surface boundary layer of the product, so that the frozen body reaches the purpose of warming and thawing. There are means of flowing air, static air, etc., its characteristics: it has strong adaptability, and the input of equipment is very small. It can be used from small to single strawberry to the whole ketone body, but it has long thawing time and low efficiency.

2. Water thawing

Similar to air thawing, the medium is water. It is characterized by a slightly better thaw than airflow, but it is also inefficient, long-lasting, and requires a lot of water.

3. Microwave thawing

Microwave thawing is the use of polar molecular vibration to generate elastic collision with surrounding molecules under the action of high frequency radiation of electric wave. The friction heating occurs, and the heating method is generated from the inside of the product material. Low cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth and small footprint, it is unmatched by other methods.

The thawing process of microwave application and frozen food can be divided into two types: temperature regulation and melting. The temperature adjustment is generally the attachment of the freezing point of the frozen frozen product to the freezing point of water from the lower temperature to -4~2C. At this point, the material is still in the solid state for easy cutting, etc., which is also the principle of refrigeration processing.

For example: thawing 1t port meat,original temperature is -18.


Airflow Thawing

Water Thawing

High Frequency

Low-temp high humidity

Microwave Thawing

Humidity temp control



Temp control


Temp control




Fresh meat


Fresh meat


24 hours

8~10 hours


13~20 hours


Water loss






Magnitude of harmful bacteria






Power consumption






Water consumption






Sewage treatment

High cost

High cost




Technology maturity






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